Insane predictions for Black Friday 2015

There’s no doubt that Black Friday 2014 was a big hit with consumers. Over £560,000 was spent every minute, with a total of over £810 million being spent in total. It was the busiest online shopping day ever. And Black Friday 2015 is set to be even bigger. So with that in mind, here’s a few predictions from us on how things will go down.




Over £1 billion to be spent online in the UK

Last year retailers were still testing the waters with Black Friday, but this year they have truly grabbed on with both hands. As a result there are going to be masses of great offers around and websites will be ready to handle the volume. And with the appetite from the general public being healthy, we think the £1 billion online shopping figure will be smashed.


In-store mosh pits to be a thing of the past

We all saw the chaos that erupted in some stores last year – punch ups, verbal abuse and arrests were commonplace for some retailers. We think a lot of lessons will have been learnt from that and there will be a lot less friction in store.


More retailers to launch deals before Friday

This one relates partly to the point above. We think more retailers than ever before will be launching their Black Friday activity at least 24 hours before. In fact, we already know retailers like Currys, Very and ASOS have sales live right now.


200% increase in online Black Friday shoppers

Last year saw a total of around 180 million website visits on Black Friday. This year is going to beat that hands down. There will be many more people shopping online this year due to the publicity of the Black Friday phenomenon and stories from friends and colleagues about the great deals they got last year. Nobody wants to miss out…


Click and collect to feature big

There was quite a delay with receiving purchases last year and the general consensus amongst the shopping public is that waiting is rubbish. And since 2014 click and collect has come a long way with it being commonplace nowadays. We think a lot of shoppers are going to take advantage of this for the 2015 fun.


Post Black Friday returns to go through the roof

With the furore to get a bargain, and nobody wanting to miss out, we think a lot of people will buy products ‘just in case’, with the intention of returning it if it isn’t perfect. It will be interesting to see how this pans out after the weekend is over, as this was a big issue for retailers in 2014.


So, there you have it, our predictions for 2015. We are interested to see how it goes. Also, if you are wondering how long it is until the fun begins check out our Black Friday page.

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Stuart McClure Stuart is a co-founder of and acts as their CMO. He has 15 years experience in digital marketing, with a wealth of experience in verticals including travel, insurance and predominantly retail. Follow him on Twitter: @stuart_mcclure

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