10 ‘must know’ tips to get what you want on Black Friday

Black Friday 2015 is set to be a big one. So, to give you the best chance of bagging the deals you are after, here are our top tips for making the most of the day.

Before the day…

Do your research

It’s common for retailers to sell older products that have an amazing price tag – make sure you understand what sort of specification you want for the product you are after. That will help you gauge whether or not a deal really is as good as it seems. You also want to make sure you know what’s happening with your favourite shops – are they opening up deals at midnight? Are they releasing new deals every hour?


Visit sites you’re interested in and sign up for alerts

Visiting the sites you like will help you to make sure you see advertising from them on the day – they’ll fire ads into your social media. It’s a great way to find out about all the good deals. Also, sign up for their email alerts.


Sign up for Lovethesales.com

We bring every sale item from 100’s of retailers together in one site. Signing up with us means you can get information about sales from everyone for the branded products you love.


Make payments quick and easy

This weekend is going to see crazy levels of traffic online, so getting in and out with your desired bargain is key. Set up a PayPal account – it will let you pay much more quickly than filling in your card details every time. Don’t want to miss out on a bargain!


Bookmark must have products

If there’s a specific thing you want from a specific shop, bookmark it. As we said, traffic will be crazy so sites will be implementing cueing systems on their site – kind of ‘one in, one out’. If you link straight to the product you’re less likely to get bumped out whilst frantically looking for an item.


Start shopping now

Lots of sites have already started their Black Friday sales, so there’s already great things to be had. In 2014 there were actually a higher number of discounted products in the week leading up to Black Friday, than the day itself.




On the day…

Get up early?

Last Black Friday, 03:00 – 04:00 was the quietest time of the day for online spend. So, if you don’t mind getting up in the dark, this is a great way to get online and beat the cues.


Eyes on email

Remember you signed up for alerts from Love the sales and loads of your favourite stores? Get the email open and kleep an eye out for all the lovely deals.


Stay social

It’s easy to become a bit of an internet hermit for the day, but make sure you keep your social channels open – there’s going to be a lot of talking about bargains going on.


Stay timely

We mentioned earlier that you should keep tabs on what your favourite shops are up to. If you found some releasing sales every hour, make sure you keep an eye on them. If they’re releasing at 12:00, be there at five to.




And finally…

If you plan on visiting an actual bricks and mortar store, please don’t get in a fight and make it onto the front cover of Saturday’s papers (Asda anyone?).

Written by

Sophie Jeffrey

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