Fashion Talk with Bernhard Dyne’s designer

Being part of a student society has plenty of benefits and especially when you’re in the fashion society. Last week, the designer of Bernahrd Dyne, Liilia Aunapuu, and co-founder, Eleene Lopsik, honoured us by coming in to talk about the fashion industry.

Liilia Aunapuu - love the sales

Bernhard Dyne is a luxury brand created in 2006 and based in London. Liilia Aunapuu, a brilliant and talented designer, is the one behind it. Her Russian and Estonian origins are an integral part of her designs. The products are mainly high quality gala dresses made from Silk and Viscose. Bernhard Dyne’s customers are modern elegant and strong women. Family also has a big part in the brand’s story: Liilia’s sister is also a designer and the name Bernhard comes from their grandfather.


Liilia Aunapuu and Eleene Lopsik at LFW SS16 - love the sales

As Liilia explained, it all starts with the brand. ‘The designer has to think about the name, but also about what it represents, what it stands for and of course who it is for’.

Liilia wanted to create products for confident and sophisticated women, therefore she focused on the quality of her dresses, using high quality fabrics and choosing a strong name inspiring luxury: Bernhard Dyne. Thanks to Eleene, the brand also has a strong presence onĀ social media. Using Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, etc. is an easy way to buildĀ brand awareness. The best advice Liilia gave us is to persevere. For her NO means “next opportunity”, not stopping after a defeat. Something that can be applied to every aspect of life.


Here is a glimpse of Bernhard Dyne’s spring summer collection and my three favourite designs:

Bernhard Dyne Black Collection LFW SS16 - love the sales

And a nice quote to end this article :

“Wear your love, love yourself” Bernhard Dyne

Written by

Coralie Mievilly

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