Football Shirt sales report 2021

Football Shirt sales report 2021

Newcastle United to make £1m extra in shirt sales a month after global demand for its kit skyrockets by 300%

Global shopping searches for Newcastle United’s 2021 football shirt have increased by 300% in the last week.

The Saudi PIF takeover, announced on Thursday 7th October, has turned Newcastle United into an overnight global sensation. With its new title as the ‘richest club in the world’, the historic Magpies has attracted a substantial number of excited new football fans.

Based on current demand levels for the club’s current kit, Newcastle can expect an extra £1 million per month in shirt sales for the rest of the season.

Retail expert and co-founder of, Stuart McClure commented on the exclusive data.

“Normally new owners for a club don’t make headline news, but the Saudi takeover has caught the imagination of football fans and the media. The global press attention around the club is leading to a surge in shirt sales. As a global sporting entity, this could mean huge future sales for Newcastle United, not only in the Middle East but around the world.”

Sales of ‘Ronaldo 7’ shirts hit record £187m in 2021

Sales of the Adidas ‘Ronaldo 7’ shirts has broken the record for the fastest selling shirt in Premier League history.


‘Ronaldo 7’ Adidas football shirt sales hit £187.1m, since Manchester United officially announced Ronaldo’s squad number for the season.

  • Manchester United has now recouped all of the £12.9m fee the club paid Juventus to bring Ronaldo to Old Trafford, without the player kicking a ball. (£13.1m)

  • Almost twice as many ‘Ronaldo 7’ Adidas football shirts have been bought this summer, compared to ‘Messi 30’ PSG shirts.

  • Ronaldo now has the fastest selling jersey in Premier League history.

  • Online searches for the ‘Ronaldo 7 shirt’ increased by 600%, compared to last summer football shirt data.

  • 1/4 of official kit merchandisers are currently sold out or near to selling out of Manchester United football shirts.

Commentary from retail expert Stuart McClure
Stuart McClure, co-founder of shopping marketplace, commented on the football shirt sales data, “We are tracking record breaking sales of ‘Ronaldo 7’ football kits across online retailers, to the point where demand is now outweighing supply. Online searches for the ‘Ronaldo 7’ shirts have increased by over 600%, compared to last summer’s football shirt data. This is proving to be the signing of the summer for Manchester United. Not only has Ronaldo smashed the record for the fastest selling shirt in Premier League history, he’s also made back his £12.9m transfer fee before kicking a ball for the club.”

Which Premier League player currently has the most football shirt sales of the 2021 season?


Star signings are a sure way to boost a club’s football shirt sales at the beginning of a season. The talismans of English football clubs influence thousands of kids and adults to etch their name and number on the back of new kits.

But which player in the English football divisions is driving the most football shirt sales this season?

Football shirt sales data is compiled from sales figures across 1,000+ global retailers. Rankings are based on the volume of new football shirts sold with the football player’s name and number added to the back of the jersey. (21/22 season).


Every English football club 2021 season Home shirt ranked by football shirt sales

The English football season is now underway for all 92 league teams and the data team can share exclusive figures on which new football kits are selling the fastest.

All 92 English football club home kits ranked by UK soccer shirt sales

Many factors impact a club’s football shirt sales; popularity, silver-wear, new signings, promotion & relegation and of course the design of the football kit itself. can reveal which English football club boasts the fastest selling shirt of the new season and which club kits are failing to impress the fans.

Football kit sales data is compiled from sales figures across 1,000+ retailers. Ranking all 92 English football league clubs based on total shirt sales of the 21/22 season home kits.

Sales of English league club kits from season 21/22 determined the place of each team on the table

Sales of English league club kits from season 21/22 determined the place of each team on the table

Manchester United

  • Manchester United has the no.1 selling home shirt of the season.

  • Manchester United’s new Adidas home shirt sales are currently up 62% year-on-year, Thanks to the record number of United football shirts sold with ‘Ronaldo 7’ on the back.


  • Since winning the Champions League and finishing in the top 4 last season, sales of Chelsea shirts have slightly increased by 16%, compared to 20/21 season football shirt sales.

  • Chelsea currently has the no.2 selling new home kit of the 21/22 season.


  • Sales of Liverpool’s new Nike home kit dropped slightly by 8% year-on-year, since being released in June.

  • Liverpool stay third in the table in terms of football shirt sales, despite having a drop in sales year-on-year.


  • Exclusive football shirt data reveals sales of the new 21/22 Arsenal home kit have plummeted by 42% year-on-year, since its release in June.

  • Arsenal dropped from having the fastest selling new football kit last season, to just about making the top 4 in the table.

Manchester City

  • Manchester City’s new Puma kit has had a 17% increase in shirt sales, compared to year-on-year sales data.

  • Manchester City are closing in on the top 4 giants, with star signings like Jack Grealish providing a welcome boost to football shirt sales.

Tottenham Hotspur

  • Sales of the new Spurs Nike home kit dropped by 8%, compared to last year’s football shirt sales data.

  • Sales of the most popular Tottenham Hotspur jersey ‘Kane 9’ plummeted over the summer by 91%, compared to year-on-year sales data.

Football shirt sales data is based on sales metrics from 1,000 global online retailers. Figures are correct as of 10/09/2021.

You must credit if quoting the football shirt sales data in this report for your editorial purposes. is a global marketplace for shopping. Tracking sales data from over 1,000 retailers worldwide.

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