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freezeframe Brazilian Butt Lift

was £39.95
freezeframe Brazilian Butt Lift
More freezeframe sales

freezeframe Brazilian Butt Lift

Sold by Beauty Expert


The Brazilian Butt Lift by freezeframe is a bum lifting, buttock tightening cream sure to gift you with a delicious derrière. Containing unique ingredients which add volume to a flat bottom whilst re-contouring the buttocks for a firmer feel, this cream is designed to increase lipogenesis and fat storage to reverse the flattening of the cheeks. Reverse the effects of time and age by simply applying it high on the cheeks! K.D. Directions for use: For a booty worthy of a Brazilian bikini (firm, high and round), apply twice daily, high on the curve of each cheek, massaging in a circular and upwards motion For best results, apply directly after shower or bath. Please Note: Do not apply to hips, thighs or sides of cheeks.
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