How to Wear Culottes in Cold Weather

With every style forecast for this autumn/winter featuring a pair, it seems as though culottes have survived the summer cull and continue to hold their prestigious “must-have piece for this season” title. But what few seem to be talking about is that the downside of the strong silhouette they give, is the wind-tunnel they create for your legs. We all know that culottes look great with bare legs and strappy sandals, but whilst many fashionistas can brave the cold to look good, I am definitely not one of those people. So with the recent temperature drop in mind, I wanted to share with you all 3 tips on how to style the cropped trouser without catching your death when you eventually have to step outside.


Tip 1: Wear knee boots

Take a leaf out of bloggers The L Fashion and Petite Side of Style‘s books and wear boots that are higher than the hemline of the culottes.


The L Fashion, Petite Side of Style


Boots of the same colour as the culottes are fail-safe, however you can also try a different shade à la Victoria Beckham’s A/W 2015 collection, so long as you keep the patterns simple and keep to block colours.


Victoria Beckham AW15



Get the look for less:

Boots Under Culottes

Black culottes, Pied a Terre; Black boots, Dune; White Culottes, Topshop; Brown Boots, Steve Madden.


Tip 2: Wear tights

Floortje Loves

Floortje Loves


Many people will tell you that you can’t wear tights with this trend. Don’t believe them, because you totally can! Heed Floortje Loves‘ example and don a pair of sheer black tights and black heels for a cosier culottes experience. Or if you want to keep the bare legs illusion then slip on a pair of nude tights – no one will know!


Get the look for less:

culottes with tights

Culottes in Stone, Warehouse; Sheer tights, Linea; Candice strap heels, Ark.


Tip 3: Wear thick socks


Ralph Lauren Polo

Ralph Lauren Polo


Take inspiration from this Ralph Lauren Polo campaign, and keep your toes toasty with a thick pair of woollen socks and heeled boots.


Get the look for less:

culottes with socks

Black culottes, Biba; Socks, SoulCal; Boots, Dune.


So now you can wear your pair without worrying about your freezing your pins off. And don’t forget to check out our whole selection of cheap culottes over at our culottes sale!

Written by

Hannah Gooding

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