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Napapijri was borne out of the desire to equip travellers and adventurers with durable, yet fashionable products. Hailing from an Italian town nestled at the foot of the Alps, the brand has spread across the world to become an icon of Italian design.
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What is Napapijri?

According to Napapijri the brand is intersectional. It defies labels wherever possible, and treats everything in the spirit of travel and adventure. Napapijri were borne out of a desire to equip travellers. It started with their iconic Bering waxed duffel bag, which has accompanied many intrepid adventurers. Since then, the brand has developed into a full fashion range.

What does Napapijri mean?

‘Napapijri’ itself does not have a meaning. It is a word adapted from the Finnish word ‘Napapiiri’. In Finnish it means ‘Polar Circle’. The brands’ identity is one of extreme conditions and adventure. Using this adapted word references the extreme of the North Pole. Other elements of this identity can be seen with the flag on its branding and the product range it carries.

What is the Napapijri flag?

The flag that appears on Napapijri branding is that of Norway. It's used as a nod toward Norway's extreme weather conditions.

When was Napapijri founded?

Napapijri was founded in 1987 by Giuliana Rosset. Her family-owned company were producers of bags. In ’87 the y produced the first Napapijri product. A duffle bag named ‘Bering’. Rosset’s wanted to produce a brand with a range of products that exemplified the robust clothing worn in the mountainous regions around her. In 1990, the brand expanded into ready-to-wear ranges. This included its most sought after product, the Skidoo Jacket. After more than a decade of popularity, a children's range was relelased in 2002. Napapijri footwear was then launched in 2007.

After opening its first store in 1997, the brand now has around 200 locations in over 30 countries. The first store was in Chamonix, France.

Who owns Napapijri?

Initially, Napapijri was owned by a family company. Giuliana Rosset was the inspiration behind the brand. In 2004, the brand was sold to an American company, VF Corporation. Giuliana Rosset stated the sale to VF Corporation had to happen to maintain the life of the brand. Her family was unable to fund sufficient growth. It needed a global player to take the brand across the world.

The VF Corporation portfolio has a number of other outdoor and active brands. These include Eastpak, The North Face, Vans and Timberland.

Where is Napapijri?

Napapijri itself, is not a place. The brand was originally developed in Aosta, Italy. It sits in the shadow of Mont-Blanc, the largest summit of the Alps, where Italy, Switzerland and France border each other.

The word Napapiiri, from which the Napaijri brand name is derived, means ‘Polar Circle’. As far as a geographical location goes, the arctic circle is it.

What are the most popular Napapijri products?

Napapijri’s most popular products are its excellent quality Skidoo and Rainforest jackets. They are waterproof and warm enough for a Scandinavian winter. These are investment pieces, coming in at £300-400. For this you get a combination of style, practicality and a clear conscience. The Skidoo is slightly bulkier, and the Rainforest slightly sleeker. Both could take anything the weather can throw at them, whether urban or survival. There are summer versions of jacket too. These are aimed at keeping out rain whilst making sure you don’t overheat. These come in significantly cheaper than their winter counterparts.  The Skidoo jackets all feature the iconic front flap pockets as well as kangaroo pockets to the side.

Other than the iconic jackets, Napapijri have a range of hoodies, sweaters and tees. All are relaxed and simple in terms of styling.

Is Napapijri a sustainable brand?

Environmental responsibility is a central part of Napapijri’s mission. It’s taken seriously at all stages of the life of a garment. Sustainability is key. Their Skidoo jacket doesn’t use down like other high-end brands, such as Canada Goose. Instead, it uses a synthetic thermal foam (Thermo Foam™) specially designed for the purpose. This is also worth knowing if you avoid animal products in general. The next range, to be launched in October of 2019, is the Skidoo Infinity, an example of “circular” fashion. The idea of 'circlular' fashion is that a garment has as long a useful life as possible. Perhaps it will be passed on to a new owner when no longer needed by the original one. In this way, each of the jacket's component parts are useful for an infinite amount of time. This reduces waste and pressure on resources. You can read more about their view on sustainability on their website.

Does Napapijri use real fur?

No, by 2017 the brand had become completely free of animal products. It no longer uses fur, instead using faux fur. And instead of animal down, it uses a synthetic foam.

Do Napaijri products fit well?

The Rainforest and the Skidoo, both for men and women, come up small. It is worth considering the purchase of a larger size than usual. This is especially true if you’ll be wearing anything bulky underneath. The jackets go up to a UK size 22, and a men’s size 54. You can buy children’s versions from age 4.

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