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A brand easily recognisable for their trailblazing 501 jeans collection. The Levi’s sale offers vintage clothing attire, combining American heritage and quality fitting denim. Mastering the skinny and slim fit trend means purchasing a piece of the iconic red label.
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How did Levi's start?

As far as brands go, they don’t get much more iconic, or indeed historic, than Levi’s, the original brainchild of recent immigrants to San Francisco. 

The brand was born in the latter half of the 19th century, when the German Levi Strauss and Latvian tailor Jacob Davis developed the idea of using metal rivets to mend trousers that were wearing and ripping at points of strain.

The patent for the first trousers to resemble what we would call jeans was granted in the 1870s, and the first pair of denim jeans was manufactured in the 1890s.  


Does Levi's have an outlet?

Levi’s have physical store outlets across the UK but no official online outlets.

Your best chance at finding outlet prices online is browsing our Levi's sale, we check 100's of outlet style retailers to bring you the best possible price on Levi's clothing.


What are the most popular styles of Levi's jeans in 2019?

Nothing’s ever quite going to match up to the mighty 501s, which are available in men’s and women’s versions, but if they don’t quite suit your style or body type, there’s much more to the king of all denim brands.

The men’s 500 range has something for just about everybody.

Fancy indulging your inner cowboy? How about a pair of Levi’s 527s, boot cut and low rise, in old school pure cotton?

For the skinny jeans devotee, 510s are a great fit. Best suited to those of a slighter build, these are real rockstar jeans. They contain some stretch, so you shouldn’t have to lie down to get them on!

For a similar, if slightly more urban and elegant looking, try on some slim 511s.

Or, for something totally different, check out the 560s, which offer a relaxed fit that is altogether more forgiving.


Where are Levi's manufactured today?

Clothing doesn’t get much more American than Levi’s, but, along with the vast majority of major brands, they aren’t manufactured in the US, but largely manufacteuring in China. 

However, the brand does take its ethical responsibilities seriously, receiving a B+ in a recent Australian report for transparency regarding suppliers and commitment to a living wage. 

They do also produce a small collection of “Made in America” jeans that come from a small denim mill in Greensboro, North Carolina: these are sold at a premium price.


How can you tell if Levi's are authentic?

Iconic brands like Levi’s are always going to be popular with counterfeiters, but how do you know your jeans are the genuine article?

The best place to look is the leather patch. It should feel soft and worn, and the printing should be central, with no spelling mistakes or other oddities.

As ever, the best way to be sure you’re getting the real thing is to buy from a trusted source, either the company themselves or an official authorised stockist. All retailers are trusted and verified by Love the Sales before their products are added onto the site, giving you piece of mind you're getting the real Levi's clothing.


Does Levi's use real leather?

Unfortunately Levi's are not vegan friendly – the brand incorporates a real leather patch at the back waist as standard.


How do I take care of my Levi's jeans?

Compared to the men’s versions, the women’s range incorporates more stretchy fabrics as opposed to the ultra-traditional pure cotton.

You should wash them as little as possible, a maximum of every ten wears. 

If you spill something, try spot-cleaning with a sponge or an old toothbrush. This will help them maintain their natural texture, and prevent the fabric ‘rebounding’ and becoming stiff. 

When it really is time for them to go through the washing machine, make sure you line dry them. You can do this inside out if you want to prevent fading. Never put them in the dryer, as this will ruin the texture. 


How do Levi's jeans compare in price to similar brands?

Levi’s, which tend to come in somewhere between £70-100 RRP, compare favourably in terms of price to premium European brands such as Diesel (which can easily cost up to £250), but they’re not quite offering the same product. 

Diesel typically offers dark washes and highly modern styles which go well with their on-trend tees, whereas Levi’s have something for everyone.

True Religion are another premium brand which fall, in terms of price, between Levi’s and Diesel, and offer more classic styles as well as edgier looks. 

Guess jeans are, again, less classic in terms of aesthetic than Levi’s, and have a comparable price tag. 

G Star is another option for those who prefer a modern style of denim – the key feature here is that the fabric is essentially untreated, meaning each wearer effectively customises their own pair of jeans (although the same is true for Levi’s purists who don’t wash theirs).


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