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Discover the latest technology in comfortable footwear whilst staying on trend. Designed perfectly for durability and support, the Skechers sale has a unique collection of fashionable trainers that are made for running and staying active.
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Where did Skechers originate from? 

Skechers originally came from the sunny Californian coast, but now they’ve made their way everywhere. People want to combine ultimate comfort with style, from athletic to fashion-forward.

Beloved of celebs like Megan Trainor, Rob Lowe and the UK’s own Kelly Brook, Skechers have come a long way since the inception of the classic Cascade logger boot (which stands the test of time, by the way!)

Their most popular models have a sportier look, and they’re ideal for relaxing in comfort, or to fit in with an active look. They’re great for men and women, and have a wide variety of fits to ensure a perfect fit.


What are the most popular models in 2019?

D’lites: The most popular model, as sported by Megan Trainor in the latest ad, is a chunky trainer harking back to the 90s, when they were to be spotted on the feet of a young Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. They’re perfect teamed with leggings, whether you’re off to the gym or not. From sober black to a bright riot of colour, and even a sandal version, there’s something for everyone.

GoWalk 4: These are a lower-key, but still iconic, leisure shoe. Elegantly curved and with a classic pull-on loop, these are the ultimate in relaxed style. Kelly Brook wears hers on what appears to be a private jet, but yours will look good around town or for a laid-back evening with friends. Again, Kelly goes for leggings, but skinnies or even a dress would work too.

UltraFlex: These ultra-light, ultra-breathable trainers are ideal for any kind of summer sport, from a casual game of tennis to just pounding the pavements. Memory foam insoles and ventilation panels will keep your feet cool, so you can be happy on your feet all day. They come in a range of versatile styles including slip on or with lace ups and popular colours such as black, grey and dark purple.


How do I clean my Skechers?

Pristine shoes are amazing, but if you’re on real-life pavements, they just aren’t going to stay that way without some love and attention.

Performance shoes such as the GoWalks need to be spot-cleaned with a cloth and some wet, soapy water. Remove any excess mud or other dirt with a stiff brush.

We know it’s tempting, but don’t chuck your shoes in the washing machine. It can bash them up too much, and it probably wouldn’t be great for your machine, either. There are Skechers models with built-in lights, and they don’t like being submerged in water. Again, stick to spot-cleaning and a trsty flannel.

Caught in a downpour? It happens! Spot-clean if mud has got on the shoes, but otherwise leave them to dry somewhere well-ventilated, but away from heat sources like radiators, tumble-dryers, fires etc. (this can warp some of the materials). A day or so and you’ll be good to go again!

Some styles are fully waterproof, shoes including the women's and men's Go Golf shoes, or the larger hiking boots like the men's Verdict boot or the women's Woodland boot. Check that the shoe says 'waterproof' in the product description. Skechers do make their own waterproofing and cleaning sprays which are worth a look if you’re serious about looking after your shoes.


Which Skechers are the best for walking?

Topping many lists for women are the Skechers GoWalk 3 tilt.

These shoes have a really simple design, and are the typical Skechers pull-on style. The mesh material seems to be the key to the unique comfort offered here: your feet often expand as you walk, particularly in the heat. The mesh upper adapts to your foot shape, meaning no chafing or discomfort.

Combined with the high level of cushion (which makes this shoe ideal for walking on hard surfaces like pavements), and the patented “Go” pillars absorbing shocks, this makes the GoWalk 3 tilt a real performance walking shoe.

A close runner-up is the Shape-up shoe, which has no-tie laces and a sole that’s even more built-up, providing additional comfort. There aren’t quite so many colourways available – just black and white – but this has the look and feel of a serious sports shoe.

For men, your best walking choice is the Equalizer 2.0 True Balance. Just like the sought-after GoWalk women’s range, this shoe features the flexible mesh needed for a really comfortable all-day experience.

Air-cooled memory foam and dual-Lite technology keeps the shoe light and airy, and the all-over cushioning makes this ideal for urban walking in the heat.

The GoWalk 4 for men is also hard to beat.

Simply styled, and with that super-comfortable mesh upper, this very light shoe keeps it totally simple on the outside, but engineered on the inside, with Goga mat insoles and special support pillars.


Are Skechers good for your feet?

Absolutely, they’re great for foot health – breathable and supportable, but leaving adequate room in the toe box.

Each foot-strike is cushioned from the sole upwards, as these performance shoes incorporate a special pillar design to make sure your shoe moves with you.

As well as avoiding shin splints and plantar fasciitis, these shoes will help you avoid nasties like athlete’s foot by making sure your feet don’t end up encased in a sweaty box.

The air-cooled memory foam is the real stroke of genius here – it adapts to your footbed but keeps the air circulating. Worth thinking about if the British summer ever appears!

Are Skechers true to size?

They are, and the mesh upper that’s a feature of a lot of their classic styles means you get a fit tailored just to you.

Skechers even come in four distinct fits, so everyone will find their perfect shoe comfort: Classic, Relaxed, Wide and Extra Wide.

The Classic fit is ideal for men and women with narrow feet and/or who like a close, supportive fit.

Relaxed has a larger toe box, making it ideal for standard to slightly wider feet and for those who like more space to wriggle their toes.

Those of us with wider feet can see which of the two fits, Wide or Extra Wide, fits the bill. The latter is only available in men’s styles (but there’s no reason women couldn’t buy them, as the shoes have a unisex look).

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