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A raw style that encapsulates the brand. Shop the G Star sale and find a fresh selection of jeans, T-shirts and jackets, designed in-part by the creative mind of Pharrell Williams.
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What is G-Star and when was it founded?

G-Star (actually G-Star RAW) is a denim brand. It produces jeans and related items that are wearable and youth-oriented. Production started in 1989 in the Netherlands. From the outset, the brand were focused strongly on denim. The brand’s original name was Gap Star. Very wisely, they decided to go with G-Star, avoiding comparison and confusion with Gap. G-Star is edgier than many high-street labels, being influenced strongly by military apparel.

Does Pharrell Williams own G-Star?

Pharrell Williams became co-owner in 2016. His own company, Bionic Yarn, partnered with them two years earlier for a sustainability initiative. This led to Pharrell's involvement.

Is G-Star RAW a sustainable fashion brand?

G-Star is hot on environmental matters. It pays close attention to sourcing materials, how they're stored and how they're recycled. Sustainability is their watchword, and it is taken very seriously by the brand. You can read more about their view on sustainability on their website.

What does G-Star RAW stand for?

There is sometimes confusion between G-Star and G-Star RAW. In fact, the entire company officially called G-Star RAW. In 1996, G-Star launched what is arguably their key product, RAW jeans. These are jeans that come from the factory untreated.

Does G-Star RAW only sell denim?

Not all products consist of their hallmark untreated denim. Indeed, the brand sells other items. This includes a line of men’s jackets that range from simple, elegant blazers to classic denim jackets. Their models pair these with dark jeans for a muted take on double denim. The women’s range is dominated by their signature jeans. It also includes a sprinkling of simple tees and a very wearable denim dress with pockets.

At heart, though, it’s all about the denim. The G-Star brand sticks to the modern classic shapes of slim, straight and tapered. It’s not really about boot cut or super-skinny here. Washes tend to be dark, but not always. In general, this is a higher mid-range brand. A typical pair of G-Star jeans costs about £90, or less in the sale. This keeps it within the price range of the millennial market the brand targets.

What's the best way to look after my G-Star RAW jeans?

For G-Star, this question goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility. Just like G-Star’s rival jeans brand, Levi’s, one piece of advice is not to wash your jeans. This dramatically reduces their ecological footprint and extends their life. Keeping your denim out of the washing machine saves water and avoids releasing microplastics into the environment. It also keeps the fabric the texture it should be. Unlike with, say, Levi’s, washing your G-Stars shouldn’t cause them to shrink. They are already heat processed. However, it can make them stiff and without that lived-in, second-skin look. 

If you do have to wash your jeans (and, let’s face it, sometimes you just might not have a choice!) the G-Star advice is to do this inside out, and by hand, avoiding the washing machine. It goes without saying that the jeans should then be line-dried and not shoved in the dryer! Another, perhaps slightly eccentric tip, is to forgo the washing entirely. You can simply place the jeans in the freezer to kill any bacteria. In any case, jeans don’t need to be washed as often as tees or underwear. Even if you don’t want to be a no-wash purist, think before putting them in the laundry.

How does G-Star RAW compare to competitors?

G-Star Raw jeans are just one product in a whole landscape of classic yet fashion-forward denim brands. The jeans devotee is spoilt for choice. How to choose between G-Star and rivals True Religion, Guess, Diesel and Levi’s? Jeans are such a personal purchase that there’s no one-size-fits-all recommendation. And, of course, it depends on how much you have to spend. Diesel jeans are modern, featuring ultra-flattering dark washes, but will be hardest on your pocket. Guess jeans come in at around the same price as G-Star. They typically offer on-trend embellishments that mean they can’t really be described as classic like Levi's can. There’s always an argument for a pair of 501s, or one of the many skinny varieties. Price-wise, these are comparable to G-Star items. True Religion will set you back slightly more, with most styles coming in at over £100. They offer both classic and edgier styles.

In terms of their unique features, and of value for money, G-Star jeans are absolutely worth a look.

Are G-Star jeans true to size?

Many consumers report that they run a little small, so try the next size up for a perfect fit.

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