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Air Force 1s have come a long way since their debut as the first on-court shoe to feature Nike Air technology in 1982. Named after the iconic Air Force One, the USA President's Jet, this trainer lives up to its name.

Initially designed as a high-top performance sneaker, the low edition Air Force 1 dropped in 1983. Nikes Air Force 1 design has remained at the forefront of sneaker culture for decades. Stamped with its unmistakable swoosh logo, the Air Force 1 is a streetwise staple.

Adopted by the hip-hop community, Air Force 1s have become a symbol of the everyday hustler. Its classic and street-fresh design has assured the shoe is both universal and hugely versatile. Air Force 1s for men, Air Force 1s for women and Air Force 1s for kids - the sneaker is styled with jeans, dresses, tracksuits - you name it.

With both a wealth of collaborations and releases, the Nike Air Force 1 quickly became one of the most popular sneakers in history.

Nike Air Force 1 FAQs

Can Air Force 1s go in the washing machine? You can clean your Air Force 1 trainers by putting them in the washing machine. Make sure to remove the laces before washing and place in a pillowcase or material bag.
What is Nikes bestselling shoe? The Air Force 1 is Nikes bestselling sneaker of all time.
Are Nike Air Force 1s comfortable? The Air Force 1 is one of the most recognisable sneakers, and thankfully one of the most comfortable Nike shoes. The substantial sole does not degrade and contains hidden air pockets for all-day comfort.

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