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Secret Sales alternative

Find more deals on brands with Love the Sales

Secret Sales alternative: Find more brands on Love the Sales

Love the Sales is an alternative deals site to Secret Sales:

  • Save time by searching deals from 100's of UK stores at once.
  • Offers come directly from the retailers, meaning they are all 100% genuine and available to buy now.

Over 5 million shoppers have used Love the Sales this year to find the best deals.

Most viewed deals today

Pay up to 70% less


Huge savings on Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Prada & 5,000 more brands.



Huge savings on Ted Baker, Hugo Boss, Armani & 5,000 more brands.

quote source logo “You can stay ahead of the game if you check out LovetheSales.com... Chances are you will find what you are looking for at a fraction of the cost. ”

How does Love the Sales work?


Love the Sales is a portal offering an overview of the best sales in the UK, on domestic and international brands.

At any one time, thousands of sales will be going on all over the country, and even the quickest and most clued-up shopper can’t possibly keep tabs on all of them.

There’s nothing worse than getting hold of an item you’ve been looking for, only to fnd you could have got a better deal elsewhere! Not much better is the frustration of having to go through endless voucher codes, only to find that none of them work.

With Love the Sales, all offers are up to date and valid. To use the site, search for what you’re looking for, and see at a glance where the hottest sales are going on.

Click through to complete your purchase with the retailer. You’ve been doing it for flight and travel bargains for years with the likes of Skyscanner and Trivago – why aren’t you doing the same for your wardrobe?


How does Secret Sales work?


Secret Sales offers “flash” sales where you can buy goods resold from major brands. Whatever’s left at the end of the season, or whatever they have left from previous seasons, is cleared out from the brands’ warehouses and sold to discounters like Secretsales.

You can get a serious discount of up to 70% on older stock, but you need to be quick. Six or seven times a day, new stock (new to Secret Sales, at least) will be offered at a good discount to those who manage to put their fastest finger first.


How are Secret Sales and Love the Sales different?


The biggest difference is that you can look for anything you like on Love the Sales, which keeps track of thousands of sales happening across the UK at any particular time.

So, if there’s a particular item you have your eye on – a new pair of boots, new jeans, a dress for a special occasion – Love the Sales will show you precisely what’s available at a great discount.

With Secret Sales, specific brands and items are offered in short-term “flash” sales, which is similar to Brandalley. So it’s a case of buying what they decide to release at any one time. It’s also a bit inconvenient if those killer heels go on sale during that crucial meeting…

There’s a big difference in what you’re buying, too.

Retailers offer sales for a variety of reasons and occasions, not just at the end of the season. Discounts are often offered as special promotions on new stock.

So, you can get pieces that are still in season by using Love the Sales, whereas Secret Sales, by virtue of their business model, are offering stock that’s slightly dated.


How are Secret Sales and Love the Sales similar?


Both Secret Sales and Love the Sales are great resources for the savvy shopper wanting to get the best UK and international brands at a discount.

By using these sites, you can save anything up to 70-80% off the full price of a wide range of fashionable brands.

You can access the sites at home or on the go, making sure you’re always aware of the best way of making your budget go further.


Do you have to register to purchase products on Secret Sales / Love the Sales?


Secret Sales

You have to register to purchase products on Secret Sales – and you have to check your alerts and the site regularly, as Secret Sales focusses on “flash” sales.

You have to provide your email address and other information, and decide yourself if you’re happy with the way Secret Sales uses your data. They save your preferences and other information in order to target advertising at you.


Love the Sales

Love the Sales is a portal anyone can access in order to see the best deals available over 16,000 brands. You don't have to sign up to use Love the Sales, but signed up users get added benefits including, sale alerts and price drop alerts on wishlisted items. 


How does Love the Sales / Secret Sales make money?


Love the Sales

Love the Sales works on the basis of affiliate links – that is, when you click through to buy a product, Love the Sales receives a small commission from the retailer.

Love the Sales thus has a strong interest in ensuring deals are up to date and in stock – a huge task when sales change so quickly! 

You don’t buy directly from Love the sales – you get an overview of the best retail discounts available.


Secret Sales

Secret Sales is a very different animal – you buy directly from Secretsales, who offer discounts on out of season and end of season designer brands.

Secret Sales decide their own prices as a reseller of these products.


Are the products at Secret Sales and Love the Sales genuine? How do you know they are genuine?


You can be sure that clicking through from Love the Sales and buying from Secret Sales will get you the genuine article.

Both deal exclusively with the genuine and trusted retailers, so there’s zero chance of ending up with a fake.


What type of brands do Secret Sales / Love the Sales have, who has more?

Secret Sales deals with higher end brands, and Love the Sales covers the entire range of UK retailers.

Due to the nature of the business model, Love the Sales, as a comprehensive portal, deals with many more brands than Secret Sales – 16,000+, as opposed to the 1600 brands Secret Sales has ever partnered with.


How to get in touch with Secret Sales / Love the Sales?


It’s easy to get in touch with either site – simply email customer.service@secretsales.com, for Secret Sales. 

If you want to contact Love the Sales, we would love to hear what you think. Either email our hellobox at hello@lovethesales.com or send us a message on Facebook.


Find out how we compare with other deal sites, Wowcher, Hotukdeals and eBay UK.


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