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Can you find better bargains on Love the Sales?

eBay UK alternative: Genuine designer bargains on Love the Sales

Love the Sales is an alternative to eBay UK:

  • Save time by searching all the biggest discounts from across the web.
  • Offers come directly from the retailers, meaning they are all 100% genuine and available to buy now.
  • The largest choice: 4,980,193 deals live

Over 5 million shoppers have used Love the Sales this year to find the best deals.

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Huge savings on Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Prada & 5,000 more brands.



Huge savings on Ted Baker, Hugo Boss, Armani & 5,000 more brands.

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eBay UK V Love the Sales

The internet is a wonderful place to search for the best prices. The reason the high street is struggling is that few people want to pay full price anymore. They are happy to search around and find a deal.

Sometimes the act of saving money is better than the process of purchasing and using the item – it is just how our human brain works it seems. We want to get something for less than we should to feel like a winner. Both eBay and Love the Sales offer the opportunity to get your bargain – but how do they work and what will your experience with the site be like?

How does eBay UK work?

eBay is a membership-based website. You sign up and can become a buyer or a seller. As a buyer, you have the option to Buy it Now at a price that is heavily discounted. Alternatively, you can choose to place a bid and hope to outwit another eBay-er to get the best deal.

If you are a seller, you can use the site to list your items. You will be expected to pay a listing fee and cover the shipping costs and marketing expenses. When you list, you will upload a photograph, write the description and decide on the selling model – whether it is bid or buy now. A lot of major companies now list through eBay, but it is still dominated by small-traders and individuals looking to make a profit.

The site works as a go-between and makes money from the price to list on the website. Unlike major online stores like Amazon UK, eBay UK does not sell its own products. The eBay UK branded shipping supplies are the closest it gets, though these are also sold by a third party.

How does Love the Sales work?

A group of dedicated professionals skim the internet for the best sales. Working with more than 850 retailers, Love the Sales collects together the best bargains. It is a portal site.

This means that you will never deal directly with Love the Sales if you are a buyer. Each click you make on the site makes the company a commission for the referral. Therefore, when you are choosing to buy, you are working with the trusted sites that are offering the sale in the first place.

Unlike eBay UK, Love the Sales does not offer second-hand goods. The purchases advertised on Love the Sales are genuine bargains from sites who would be offering these sales anyway. The great achievement of Love the Sales is gathering all this information on a single website, making life easy for the consumer.  

Love the Sales focus is on men’s and women’s fashion and shoes, offering products from the top brands. In contrast to eBay UK that offers departments from books, to technology, clothes, to items for the house and garden, and more, Love the Sales tends to a lot more focused in its product-line. 


What is the returns policy for eBay UK and Love the Sales?

You will never deal directly with Love the Sales. We work hard to ensure that it only works with companies who offer sales that are to be trusted and to be considered genuine. The service they provide is this vetting process, which they take seriously. Therefore, when needing to return an item, you should deal directly with the site where you made the purchase.  It is a good idea to check out the returns policy for each site you deal with directly before you click buy.   

eBay offers a resolution centre. This is a service that acts as a mediator between the buyer and the seller. eBay UK guarantee to hold the seller to a certain level of acceptable service. eBay expects the seller to offer a refund if the item is damaged or faulty. 

However, if you have changed your mind, it is entirely at the discretion of the seller whether they allow this or not. You are expected to use your judgement when entering a deal with an individual on eBay. There are rating systems and testimonials. The higher the star rating and the higher the quality of comment, the more you can trust the person you are buying from.

eBay does offer a money back guarantee if the item is faulty or damaged or if the item does not match the description provided in the listing. eBay UK promises to resolve your issue within three working days.

Are the products at eBay and Love the Sales Genuine?

eBay is a similar experience to going to a jumble sale or a car-boot sale. Sometimes there are genuine bargains on the site, and you will feel delighted by your purchase. Other times you may pay a low price, but you are getting lower quality.

Part of the experience of using the site is the ability to exercise judgement. You read the listing, look at the photographs, read the seller’s testimonials and make an informed decision. If you are a seller yourself, you can use the site to make a decent living, if you are a budding entrepreneur and have the time to build your reputation.

Love the Sales promises 100% genuine deals. The site is a coming together of all the best online sales that you do not have the time to find yourself. Therefore, the retailers you deal with are the retailers you would visit on the high street or significant online outlets.

When you click to buy you are buying from a company you probably know already and have bought from before – you are just buying an item they have listed in a sale. The service offered by Love the Sales is a collation of these sales in one place, so you never have the dreaded attack of the FOMO.


Do you need to sign up to see deals on eBay UK and Love the Sales?

You do not need to sign up with Love the Sales. All the deals are on show and when you click you will be directed to the site offering the sale. You may need to sign up with the individual retailers to complete your purchase. However, to find the sale, you can just browse the Love the Sales website.

eBayUK requires you to become a member, whether you are a seller or a buyer. As a buyer, you will also receive ratings from the people you buy from. Therefore, you are expected to maintain your profile and respond to messages and queries.

How to get in touch with eBay UK and Love the Sales

Contacting Love the Sales couldn’t be easier; you can email hello@lovethesales.com or get in touch over our Facebook page. Love the Sales is a UK registered company based in London.

eBay has a resolution centre that works to deal with any concerns or issues you may have. Much of the contact you will have on the site will be with other buyers and sellers, with eBay in the background. However, if you do have a problem, then you can contact eBay through the website, and they promise to get back to you within three days.


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