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The Superdry sale is the only place to find cheaper Superdry from across the web, all in one place. There are thousands of reductions everyday on Superdry clothing items, popular sales include their Japanese inspired jackets and hoodies that come straight from Superdry's outlet. Discover all the newest sales for Superdry here.
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About the brand

Superdry, a mixture of vintage Americana and Japanese cool, has longer roots than you might think – in its Cult Clothing manifestation, it dates back to the mid-80s, where laid-back sporty styles were made for the street.

And, of course, it’s neither American nor Japanese, but originates in Cheltenham. Julian Dunkerton, Cult Clothing’s founder, started Superdry in 2003 with Julian Holder, owner of cult skatewear brand Bench.

The company tapped into the noughties fascination with Japan, with its clothing consciously featuring meaningless strings of Japanese text.

Superdry has a wealth of celebrity fans including David Beckham, and on the clothes themselves. The slightly odd name is said to be the result of a brainstorming session in a Tokyo bar between founders Dunkerton and Holder – they simply examined a range of contemporary packaging and noted that these words were mentioned especially often. Unusual, but memorable!


Does Superdry have an outlet?

Superdry does indeed have an outlet – a section of their website offering a discount on products that are about to go out of season. There’s a good range of both men’s and women’s styles – no coats available in late summer, but plenty of sportswear that would be good in the gym or just for general wear all year round.

Outlet prices are about 50% off, so there are some good deals available. You can shop Superdry's full up to date outlet at Love the Sales.


What is Superdry most known for?

Superdry is known for outerwear, hoodies and sweaters for both men and women (the look is quite androgynous, but adjusted for each sex).

Colours range from neutrals (the original Superdry look) to brights like red and yellow. Materials are high-quality and perfect for the British winter, autumn or spring, featuring breathable cotton, triple layer zips and fleece linings.

There’s also a fairly understated range of sportswear, including many pieces very much in the “athleisure” style that can be worn outside the gym too.

A small, but stylish range of functional backpacks complete the range. In general, Superdry clothes feature their logo, with its distinctive Japanese characters, prominently.

Superdry’s most coveted items are its coats and jackets, which are casually stylish and high-performance.

There’s a range for different weather and temperature conditions, and the real stand-out items are the windcheater jackets, which are long and adjustable with bungee-type cords for a customisable fit, both for men and women.

Many come with a parka-style hood,  which is extremely handy for keeping out the elements. Some of them come in a special material which reveals the print as it gets wet, leading over time to a highly individual look as the print fades and reappears.

Some of the coats and jackets are highly water-resistant and some aren’t, so it pays to read the description carefully or check with a sales assistant if you’re in a bricks-and-mortar shop. On that note, it’s worth mentioning that Superdry has a very relaxed and generous returns policy.


Is Superdry an ethical brand?

Superdry takes its ethical responsibilities as a manufacturer and seller extremely seriously, with a detailed framework of goals and principles concerning corporate responsibility.

The Super Responsible 40 fits into a framework of People, Product and Planet, and extends to the environmental impact of materials used and production (Superdry clothes are made from 100% cotton), conditions for workers and the impact on local communities where the clothes are produced, and the overall environmental impact of the whole corporate process, from supplier to the final retail product.

Superdry’s ethical policy casts the net of scrutiny particularly wide, and makes commitments e.g. about renewable energy that go far beyond their own factories and extend to their main suppliers and the places where their clothes are sold as concessions.

Their policy puts into place long-term collaborations with institutions like the Princes Trust and Graduate Fashion Week as part of their commitment to helping 100,000 young people reach their true potential.

The level of detail and thought that has gone into their ethical policy and approach is exemplary, and means you can feel good about wearing Superdry clothes from an ethical, as well as a comfort, point of view.


Do Superdry clothes fit true to size?

Superdry clothes are notorious for running small, in accordance with their “slim fit” look (this is not sportswear designed to be worn baggy). With that in mind, it’s probably worth buying a size bigger than you usually wear.

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